Mabinay Caving


Panligawan Cave 143 meters long, a dome shaped cave with fossilized formations. It has a wide and flat ground ideal for in cave camping. The ceiling of the cave has a wide opening where daylight illuminates the entire cave.


Pandanihan Cave 282 meters long, located about 100 meters from Panligawan cave. Wide entrance; virtually horizontal. At 80 meters from the entrance is an obstacle, called the Berlin wall which continues with a 20 meter width via a small corridor.


Mambajo Cave 670 meter long, located more than 2 kms northeast of Barangay Bulwang, there are 2 entrances, one is by rappelling at 30 meters and the 2nd is through a ladder. It has a subterranean river flowing towards the north and into a siphon which emerges to the other cave, the Mambajo 2 cave.